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About Us / FAQ
  • What is Modern Jive?
    Modern Jive is a fusion of jive, salsa, swing, and many other dance style. It is fun, fresh, social and easy to learn. It is the original, largest and fastest growing partner dance in NZ.
  • Is It Hard?
    Not at all! If you can walk, you can dance Modern Jive with iDance.
  • When and Where?
    Doors open at 6:45pm and Newcomer classes start at 7pm every Wednesday and Thursday. St Mark's School, 13 Dufferin St, Mt Victoria, Wellington.
  • Do I Need to Book in Advance?
    No. There is no set course that you need to enrol on. Every week there will always be a number of people there for the first time - just turn up to any newcomers class and join in the fun!
  • Do I Need to Bring a Partner?
    No. There is no need to take a partner with you because the teaching method means that everyone will be moved around to change partners during the classes, therefore it does not make any difference whether you come on your own or with friends. Either way you get to meet and dance with everyone else at least once.
  • What Should I Wear?
    You do not need any particular clothing to attend an iDance modern jive evening. Anything goes, casual wear or smart dress, as long as you feel comfortable. It is really up to you!! As for shoes, wear something that will allow you to move freely on the dance floor - we recommend smooth soled shoes, but there will be plenty of people in all types of footwear.
  • Do I Need to Become a Member?
    Yes. Everyone needs to be an iDance member. Membership is free.
  • How Much Does It Cost?
    Classes are just $15 for the whole evening! (6:45pm to 10:00pm Wednesday / 10:30pm Thursday) Students $10 (ID required) 10-Trip $130 Freestyle only $10
  • What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
    We accept both cash and eftpos.
  • What is the Class Format?
    The night starts at 7pm with a Newcomers Class lasting 45 minutes. You will learn 4 fun moves that are surprisingly simple. At the end of the class we have 15 minutes of freestyle where the DJ plays a few tunes and you can practice and dance the moves you have just learnt. At 8pm we split into two classes. First up we have our Newcomer Review Class. This is a second newcomers class which is smaller than the standard Newcomers Class and is a review of the moves you have learnt earlier in the night. It includes lots of tips, tricks and laughter, and gives you a chance to really get to grips with what you have just learnt. Secondly we have our Intermediate Class. In this 45 minute session you will learn 3 to 5 harder moves. We normally expect that it takes about 8 to 10 newcomer classes to master the basic moves and feel comfortable to join in at Intermediate level. After the Newcomer Review and Intermediate classes the night out really takes off when the iDance DJ takes control for the 'Freestyle Session' from 8:45pm. This is a 1.5 - 2 hour period of pure uninterrupted modern jive music creating a party atmosphere. You can socialise or practice your modern jive moves and dance the night away. Dancing during the 'Freestlye' really gives you chance to improve your modern jive style and soak up the atmosphere... it's addictive!
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